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Why choose a HypnoBirthing® Class?

mama knows best
  • You want to enhance your awareness of your body’s natural ability
  • You want to increase your ability to peacefully birth your baby
  • You want to learn about best practices and tools to mindfully prepare
  • Your family wants to enhance your bond with intentional practices
  • You are ready to release fears, worries, and tensions about your birthing day

HypnoBirthing® leads you back to what you already know. How to instinctually give birth to the baby that your body has created. There is no wrong or right way to do it! 
It's about learning to relax your mind and body while preparing for your birth!

Our Happy HypnoBirthing Students

Mama Motivator

Class Unit Outline


  •  Introduction to the HypnoBirthing® philosophy

  • The origin of instinctive birth

  • Your body’s powerful abilities

  • How to stay in your healing room

  • Awareness of your language, thoughts, and feelings

  • Speaking to your emotional mind through images

  • Introduction to the power of mind-body connection


  • Falling even more in love with your baby

  • Review of care providers and who is best for you

  • Breathing techniques for birthing

  • Nourishing your body for a healthy birthing

  • Birth companion’s role for support and care

  • Introduction to relaxation techniques

  • Preparing your body for birthing


  • Preparing your mind and body for birthing success

  • Birth preferences review

  • Natural ways to initiate birth

  • Light Touch Massage

  • Positions for relaxation

  • Relaxation deepening techniques

  • Releasing fears and limiting thoughts


  • The gifts that come prior to birth

  • Birthing begins – what to expect

  • How can the birth companion help

  • Birth explained

  • Using your BRAIN

  • Class role plays

  • Hallmarks of birth

  • Birth rehearsal visualization


  • Breathing love and bringing life

  • The birthing phase

  • Positions for baby

  • Positions for mama

  • Review of breathing

  • The final act, birth perfect design

  • The first breastfeeding

  • The birth afterglow


Sarah H.

"My husband and I participated in Laur’s 5 week Hypnobirthing program, and we didn’t want it to end! Each week we looked forward to connecting with the other parents-to-be, and learning about the techniques that are going to help us have a natural, healthy, beautiful birth of our first child.
During the 5 weeks, the special breathing techniques, meditations and self-hypnosis eradicated any fears or previous notions we had about our birthing day. I can confidently say that I feel so calm, well prepared, and ready to bring our baby into this world. I feel like I have the tools and confidence to have an enjoyable and relaxed birth. Laur has a wonderful way of relaxing you during the sessions, a beautiful and calming voice during our exercises, and just an all-around loving nature about her."
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Jordis S.

"My husband and I took Lauren's HypnoBirthing class and it was amazing. The tools we learned have helped give me confidence in myself and my body as well as prepare my husband for what is to come. We have yet to give birth but I feel great knowing what I have learned about the Hypno method of birthing. I would recommend this class to any mom hoping to have a natural birth. Everything we learned makes perfect sense, the power of the mind body connection is amazing and I am excited for the birth of our baby."
Private Parties
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I'm Laur Berman, C.Ht.
I'm a mama of two beautiful little girls, as well as a clinical hypnotherapist C.Ht.
I'm a master of therapeutic visual imagery, and a certified practitioner of mental-emotional release, neuro-linguistic programming, and Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing®
I strongly believe from firsthand experience that the skill of learning to relax your mind and body has a significant positive impact on your birthing day (not to mention on the wellbeing of your beautiful baby).  As a clinical hypnotherapist, all of my classes and sessions are facilitated with an emphasis on your ability to learn to deeply relax, connect within, and allow yourself to be free of fears, doubts, and external pressure.


Birth is a journey and your ability to stay calm, relaxed,
and in a state of trust for baby and body is key.  

My intention for my clients is to give them the tools they need to go as far as they want to go on their birthing day using the power of their mind and body. My emphasis is placed on what feels best for you mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I'd be honored to guide you through this empowering transformation. 

Join today to get access to a class that will transform your entire birthing experience. 

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In this class, you will learn tools for deeper relaxation, methods to calm your mind and body, and how your body and baby are working together for a beautiful birth. 
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