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Mama Knows Best

The Mama Knows Best workshop provides mamas with resources and tools to

become more aware of their mamatuition so they can better:


  • Recognize what is it and how it communicates

  • Understand the blocks that limit connection

  • Learn exercises to help calm the mind and body

  • Reconnect to this deep knowing




Mama Motivator

The Mama Motivator class is a guided imagery journey that will enable you to unplug, recharge and realign. Each week the theme will change to help keep you motivated and moving forward with ease. Class examples include:

  • Living in Gratitude

  • Newfound Confidence

  • Attitude Adjustment

  • Restoring Peace of Mind

  • Your Excellent Self

  • Comfortable You

  • Claiming Your Power

  • Stress Relief

This class is available in the following times: Tuesday 11/20 and 11/27, 7:30 PM, located at Allomi in conjunction with Coremom Fitness


Weight Control

The Weigh Control class is an 8-week series that provides women with the tools, accountability, and subconscious motivation to take control and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The series enables mamas to:

  • Learn and embrace healthy lifestyle habits

  • Create new associations to food and self care

  • Release emotional eating

  • Overcome “trigger” foods

  • Ignite metabolism

  • Change perceptions of nourishment


Expecting Mamas


The Expecting Mamas class is a 4-week series that enables you to harness the power of your mind and intuition while connecting with your baby. The series enables mamas to:


  • Relax the mind and body

  • Cultivate self-love, acceptance, and flexibility

  • Release blocks or toxic emotions

  • Strengthen their mamatuition

  • Distinguish between mental chatter and intuition

  • Prepare and connect with their baby


Manifesting Mamas

The Manifesting Mamas class is a 4-week series that dedicates each class to energetically aligning and manifesting your dreams. In this class you will learn to tap into your inner wisdom, clear out your mental clutter, and attract abundance and success. The series enables mamas to:


  • Feel refreshed, recharged, and relaxed

  • Build self love and appreciation

  • Connect internally and let go of the baggage

  • Fuel her creativity and motivation

  • Release blocks and negative thinking

  • Manifest and attract success and abundance




The HypnoBirthing class is a 5-week series that gives mamas the peace of mind and power they desire for their labor experience. We offer HypnoBirthing Classes and Hypno Therapy Sessions in the beautiful South Bay in the city of Manhattan Beach CA. The series will enable mamas to release fears, doubts, and toxic emotions associated with labor and delivery. They will be able to actively visualize their ideal labor scenario’s and prepare their mind and bodies for the experience. The series will enable mamas to:


  • Discharge fears, concerns, and toxic emotions

  • Learn the “partial hypno anesthesia technique”

  • Partner with her baby, body, and mind

  • Empower their strength and focus

  • Prepare for labor with flexibility and peace

  • Take charge of their birthing day



Private Parties

or Speaking Engagements

Customized group workshops are available upon request.

Topics, journeys, and objectives to be reviewed and selected.

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